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Claire McLellan


Wardrobe Organiser, Image Consultant, Personal Shopper


I'm a busy mum of  two young daughters living in Cirencester.


 I have had a long career in Sales and Marketing, working in FMCG/Retail, but I have always been interested in fashion. I am passionate about Clothes, Shoes, Handbags, Accessories, personal presentation and making the best version of you. 


In the past I have helped my friends and family choose outfits, knowing what works for them and what doesn't, and always with positive results. So now I have decided to turn my passion into my career.

Since becoming a mum, I lost "Me" for a while as I was busy catering for my young ones' needs. It was very important for me and my sanity to become "Me" again. Lots of women out there can relate to this but cant see how they can get to the "Pre baby" wardrobe, but you can and I can help you. Its not about a diet, its about adjusting to your new shape and rocking it!!! 


 I chose to embark on a new journey, re-trained and created CLM STYLING, so I can help others, not just new mums, all  Women and Men who want help with their image and personal styling. 

Today's world is full of Magazines with beautiful women and men splashed across the pages, to whom we constantly compare ourselves. We live in the real world.

We don't have hidden in our basements personal stylists and personal trainers, nor do we have in our bathroom, hair and makeup specialist's!  


We all have challenging lives where finding time for ourselves is often secondary.

So" It's all about you" from now on. Working with me and drawing on my expertise will save you time and money. No matter what your shape, size, height or weight is, we can work together to create the "New You". and get your Va Va Voom back.

Any service will be confidential and within your chosen budget.

Please see the Services page for more detailed information. 

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