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Workplace Uniform
You have worked hard to create your business and your brand. Maybe it is a Retail outlet, Bar, Restaurant, Beauty Clinic, D.I.Y company or a hotel. The presentation of your staff is an essential part in attracting clients and customers to your business. 
 Many times I see poor standa
rds of Workplace Uniform. Either not fitting correctly, fade colour in the wash, Old and tired looking. This can lead Customers to potentially thinking that the Company or business do not care. This can leave a negative impression, losing your customers to your competition, costing you loss'e in sales revenue. 
 Personal care of your staff requires training and direction. If you care, they will care. I can help assess and devise a plan to bring the dress standard to an all time high. If you staff feel good and confident this will show in their work, resulting in more sales. 

Please call or send an email for further information or to book an appointment call 07852 637505


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