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Your personal shopping experience will start with a free consultation.

We will together complete a "Get to know your better" Client Profile Card. We will discuss your current lifestyle, social/leisure/work activities, your clothing likes and dislikes, colours, your shape, and your style aspirations.

The secret to a successful style and lasting wardrobe lies in the fine art of shopping.


Buying clothes that are right for you, not returning them next day. 

Option  One


 Book in a personal styling session at our Pre loved shop in Cirencester. Sessions starts from £40. Please call Claire for more information. 07852 637505



Option Two


A full day of shopping. Who can shop without a coffee??? We will visit a small selection of shops, either Cirencester or Cheltenham, where you will try on outfits suggested by me or chosen by you. This is a fun experience where you will learn about styles that flatter your body shape, advised on colour combinations, and how to build and accessorise outfits. Lunch is included as everyone knows, "Shopping can be hungry work!" 


"I know what women want, they want to be beautiful"

                           Valentino Garavani

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