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Terms and Conditions

We sell on a 60/40 commission basis and display your items in our shop, 17 Cricklade street, Cirencester or our other Shop, 124 HighStreet, Marlborough for 8 weeks, season depending (or longer at our own discretion)

Designer Handbags over £250 is 50/50.

We are committed to selling your items at the best possible price and in the most efficient way and as your agent, we will sell on your behalf from CLM Styling Boutique or online, eBay,

Any item not sold leading up to the 8 weeks deadline may be reduced at our discretion.

Bookings for clothing consultations must be made via our website. We will in exceptional circumstances book these either in person or over the phone.

Upon receipt of your items, there is a fee of £15 which is non refundable and paid in full upon booking a clothing consultation. We create a Client list which details your items, selling price and commission share. After 8 weeks, we will contact you and provide you with an updated list and then we will make payment for all your items that’s have sold and ask you collect the items that have not sold. Your account will be settled and monies owed will be paid upon collection of your unsold items. All payments are made through our safe banking system, we do not pay in cash. Then your account is closed until you make another appointment.

CLM Styling reserves the right to determine the final selling price of all items, unless otherwise specifically stated by you. i.e the minimum that you would like to receive for your item, once the commission has been paid to us.

We will only accept items that are clean, or dry cleaned in the last two weeks with proof of ticket. All garments, must be washed, ironed and in pristine condition and if upon further inspection, they are not of acceptable quality and cleanliness, or damaged, we reserve the right to return to you. We will notify you of this within 48 hours of receipt.

CLM Styling reserves the right to withdraw any garment from display or reduce accordingly.

Clothes/items will only be taken into stock on the basis that you, the owner, accept all risk of loss or damage (including shoplifting) while your clothes/items are in the shop.

Whilst on our premises, your clothing/items are insured against loss or damage by theft, fire or any other means. The value of item verse excess of insurance, Ie if the value of the item, is smaller than our excess insurance, we will only pay half of the value of the item for lost to yourselves.

No responsibility is accepted by us for any loss or damage to your clothing caused by whatever means. Naturally, we will exercise reasonable care while your clothes/items are with us.

You, the client has the right to withdraw your items from CLM Styling at any time. If your item is sold by you using any of our platforms, we will continue to deduct our commission.

CLM Styling accepts only authenticated designer items. You, as the owner, guarantee the authenticity of all items given to us. If you receive payment for an item that is later deemed to be counterfeit, you agree to repay the full amount received plus any other loss associated with its sale and return.

The Terms & Conditions, whether given by hand or received by email, it is understood that you accept and understand the conditions therein.

ONLINE SALES - If an item has sold through our online platform, , we will honour this sale over and above an online sale of the same item.

We are vigilant in ensuring this does not happen, but in the event that it does, we apologise for the frustration this may cause the online shopper.


Your account will be settled and monies owed will be paid upon collection of your unsold items, once we have called you to ask to collect the unsold items from us, you have 7 days to collect other than agreed prior to collection. There after we will give them to charity.

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